Saturday 21 April 2007

Leanne Wood calls for an Independent Parliament for Wales

Great to see Leanne Wood's comments regarding independence on the Blamerbell Briefs blog.

Leanne is Plaid Cymru's Assembly member for South Wales Central.

QUESTION: Please explain, in detail, how Plaid Cymru would fund, in an Independent Wales, all the current services provided by the Welsh Assembly Government at current and projected spending levels PLUS the welfare state, pensions, defence, policing and security, foreign affairs, international trade relations, Broadcasting in general, and all other reserved matters.

ANSWER: Via taxation, the way all countries do. Six member states of the European Union are smaller than Wales. Eight of the ten richest countries in the world have a population of less than 10 million, including all 5 Nordic countries. An independent Wales could clearly pay its own way. I believe the people of Wales are no less talented than the people of Ireland and that we could successfully run our own affairs. An independent Wales would have the option of reducing the defence budget, re-prioritising public services.

QUESTION: How would you like to see the assembly develop in the future?

ANSWER: I would like it to become an independent parliament.


Anonymous said...

But is she single?

Der said...

I used to know Leanne.....during my time in Ponty. She was a good good girl....good laugh. Hope politics hasn't changed her too much. Don't know if she's single these days....

Anonymous said...

My tongue was in my cheek

Man in a Shed said...

Have what you want - just don't expect the English to pay for it directly - or indirectly via the European Union.

Remember that Ireland has been effectively bank rolled by the UK for the its first half century of independence , and we won't be doing that again.

Anyway given that the north of Wales and the South of Wales dislike each other so much - why not two counties ?