Thursday 6 October 2011

How British do you feel?

With the prospect of a possible Scottish referendum on independence, The Guardian are running a poll asking how many people think of themselves as Welsh, Scottish, English, Irish or Northern Irish rather than British.

You can take part in the poll by including your postcode and choosing a flag - the Welsh one of course! ;-) - here.

Here is how the Guardian identity map looks in Wales at the moment:

Wales Identity Map

Press on the following images to see larger versions:

North Wales
South Wales
Cardiff & surrounding area


Rhys McKenzie said...

I'm pleasantly surprised with the ratio of Red Dragons to Union Jacks on there at the moment. Good to see Oswestry knows it's Welsh really too.

We have a serious problem in Maesteg though guys. ;)

David Young said...

The trouble with maps like this is that they do not show how many people think that the question being put to them is trivial. A questionnaire, on the other hand, is more likely to elicit 'not interested' responses.

APK said...

This is very interesting. Its very eye opening to see the differences in opinion between South and North Wales and the little English / Scottish enclaves dotted around.

I'd take it with a pinch of salt though, if you zoom in you'll notice that there's about one or two people from each town.
You could hardly say that two people represent a town of say 10,000 and if one belongs to a minority then the outcome will be different.
Many England flags in Wales and Scottish, Irish and Welsh flags in England can be easily explained as such people, internal migrants.

You also have to take the readership into account, Guardian readers probably differ in ethnic views from say Telegraph readers.

As an English devolutionist, such a result for England doesn't really please me, but yet isn't really a surprise either.
At least there is a large minority amongst us who identify as English first, I suppose the rest wrongly equate English with British.

It's good to see Wales and Scotland are sure of their identity though.

Here said...

I'm Welsh not British. The British Prime Minister David CaMORON is an idiot. Cymru Rhydd.