Thursday 10 November 2011

Thinking about Thistles and an Untied Kingdom

"It would be a strange situation if Wales was part of a UK that also consisted of England and Northern Ireland but not Scotland. Would Wales send a mere 30 MPs to sit alongside 502 English counterparts? By this time, would Welsh MPs be banned from voting on English matters and holding ministerial positions in devolved areas (which would presumably make it impossible for a Welsh MP to become PM)?"
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Unknown said...

Withoug Scotland, it would not be any part of the uk, which will have ceased to exist. My suggestion for a name is' Formerly United Kingdom' - or FUK for short.

suaramirza said...

Bore da. Big Problems for Wales People when you all free from the Kingdom of British are too long on the British Influence (Language,Economiy and Politic also etc). How about both of Welsh's FC in the Premiere League? And how about with National Identity,i mean "Cymraeg" as the National Language? I think many Welshs who not able speaking in Cymraeg. But i supporting your Independence because Welsh People are the Real Britons (i have learn and read about your History and Civilization) =)