Friday 25 May 2012

A bit of Olympic fun...

The Olympic Torch arrives in Wales! (original cartoon china/Tibet here)
On a more serious note, Wales really should have its own team at the Olympics. That will only come with independence of course. Another good reason to support Welsh independence!


Dyl321 said...

The Olympic "spirit" (propaganda) as the BBC call it is just one of the multiple pro British propaganda we have been getting from a silly torch to flying a flag that doesn't represent wales to a jubilee of the queen of England..

It's shocking to see even in strong Welsh areas here in North West Wales people and children being brainwashed (not knowing they are) to an Olympic British propaganda showing off to the world about England!

I ain't anti English and many would think I'm narrow minded, but it has stocked into today that "British" is "cool" sad really
independence is going to be a strong battle not just against the unionist politicians but the British media companies and ignorant celebs who are only interested in fame

Mike from Wrecsam said...

Wales cannot support itself as an independent nation. A country can't depend on the volitile service sector alone, anyone who thinks otherwise hasn't a clue what they are talkig about.

I am pro independence, but am also a realist, we need to build a stable economy based on manufacturing, technology and tourism. At the moment we are too dependent on handouts from England and the EU to even consider independence

Our political parties haven't the strength or direction to head Wales towards independence. Plaid Cymru is a joke and i will never vote for them, and the other parties aren't even worth a mention as they are off shoots of England.

Also with many English familys moving into Wales and many anglosised Welsh families, voting for the good of Wales is going to become harder and harder.

Unknown said...

Mike I think it is you that doesn't know what he is talking about.

Like all countries the UK borrows what it cannot raise itself to plug it's funding gap. This deficit currently stands at £150 billion a year.

Using your logic the UK should not be independent.

England does not subsidised us, they are on their ass with an annual deficit of around £90 billion.
Figures can be seen here

An independent Wales would be able to invest in itself.