Tuesday 27 February 2007

Another Welsh Not...

The UK Government recently received an e-petition to make St Davids Day a public holiday in Wales. It was one of the most popular petitions received, with over 11,000 signatures, but despite this display of popular support, and the previous overwhelming support from the Senedd, London has decided that we can not be trusted to run our own internal affairs.

Read the response for Downing Street:

The Government receives a variety of suggestions for new or different Bank Holidays and celebrations. Whilst the Government is pleased that so many people are interested, as you can imagine it is not possible to please everyone as to who or what should be celebrated. Unlike Northern Ireland, where St Patrick's Day is a bank holiday, bank and public holidays in Great Britain do not, by tradition commemorate particular individuals, events, or institutions, other than those associated with Christmas and Easter. Moreover, many individuals and communities in Wales already celebrate St David's Day in a way they consider more suitable. The present pattern of bank holidays in the United Kingdom is well established and accepted, and the Government has no current plans to change the arrangements. I hope that this is helpful.

Well actually it is quite helpful - every time that London resists popular change, they hasten the day when we finally achieve independence.

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