Friday 2 February 2007

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Unknown said...

More chance of this blog being succesful if it doesnt become an excuse for some Plaid politicians to quote verbatim from their manifesto instead of saying something original, interesting or controversial.

But at leats it was publicity for the site!

Bonheddwr said...

(originally posted on blamerbellbriefs)

Barry Shaw's comments are rather un-inspiring, the last section of his post has been taken directly from the Plaid Pre-Manifesto.

But I believe that it is important to give Plaid's candidates (the only party who supports Welsh Independence - on paper anyway) the chance to explain why?

But have a look at a few of the other contributions that are closer to what we were looking for:

I've also got in touch with a few members of the British Parties asking why they oppose Welsh Independence. Should be interesting...

Unknown said...

I looked back through some of the other posts, and they were better and did at least mention the I-word.

Could be interesting to get Ron Davies's view....