Thursday 29 March 2007

Architects of Indepedence

There is an excellent article written by Vaughan Roderick on BBC Cymru regarding independence and the break up of the British state.

It says that a lot of credit for eventual Scottish independence must be given not to Alex Salmond or Winnie Ewing, but to Margaret Thatcher. Because it was her privatisation drive that dismantled a lot of the institutions of the British State, including the nationalised industries, energy and water companies, TV and radio etc. These organisations made up a lot of the glue that stuck the UK together, but without them, the union will be much easier to disolve.

I would like to add a few credits of my own, in particular to John Redwood and Peter Hain who have tirelessly and selflessly strived to promote the cause of Welsh Independence.

The full Vaughan Roderick article (yn Gymraeg) is here:

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