Monday 19 March 2007

Montenegro - seat in EU | Wales - useless Assembly

So, Montengro is beginning discussions about joining the EU as a full nation state. What do the Labour, Tory and LibDem voters think makes Wales so exceptionally useless that it can't run its own affairs?

The only answer I can think for Labour and the Tories is that they want to keep the Nuclear phallic symbol and pretend they're part of a big country.

In the words of Mrs Davies from Burry Port, 'Wales would be a third world country like Albania, still using horse and cart if it weren't for England.'

That sums it up really. Much better we don't run our own affairs, after all, our population is only 5 times greater and our GNP only 10 times greater than that of Montenegro!


Normal Mouth said...

I hate to spoil your little rant but who exactly is saying that Wales is so useless that it cannot run its own affairs?

The argument AIUI is that Wales (and indeed the other members of the Union) would do less well if governed separately. Not the same argument at all.

Anonymous said...

Less well than what? Than now? Please be serious!

Normal Mouth said...

Well, seeing as this article appears to imply that Wales is already twice as productive as Montenegro are you suggesting that Wales could not be more poorly governed?