Saturday 28 April 2007

Adam Price calls for an independent England


William Gruff said...

I would make the following points about Mr Price's remarks. The first is that it is indicative of the BBC's agenda that the words 'English independence' were spoken by a Welshman but it could not have been otherwise since English Proponents of English independence are not allowed to come within distant shouting range of a BBC microphone. The second is that Mr Price's attempt to emulate Alex Salmond's pathetic attempt at condescension in the matter is risible, coming as it does from representatives of peoples who have not been able to govern or support themselves without English assistance for some considerable time. Without Scotch and Welsh interference in our English affairs and Scotch and Welsh hands in our English pockets we shall do very nicely.

Bonheddwr said...

Come on Gruff, grow up! Anything that puts English independence on the agenda is obviously a good thing for all concerned in the independence movements in Wales, Scotland and England.

The English Democrats will not be invited on to the panel until you get an elected member of parliament, if you fail to do that, that is your own fault! Instead of being dismissive of Scottish and Welsh help, why not embrace it?

It is not a matter that the Welsh people have been 'unable' to support ourselvese, we have not been given the chance. Wales has a very small population compared to England, and therefore after centuries of trying, England succeeded to conquer Wales some 500 years ago.

Since then our country's resources have been stolen to feed the booming south East of England.

You really need to grow up, and accept the fact that without the help of Welsh and scottish nationalists, the issue of English independence would not be on the radar whatsoever!

We need to work together on this, not indulge in petty right wing superiority nationalism!

And by the way, you have a very nice Welsh name. :-)

William Gruff said...

Your knowledge of Anglo-Welsh history is as slight as your ability to reason dispassionately on the evidence before you and your understanding of the current situation is no better, clouded as your judgement is by the immaturity evident in your reaction to my comment. That notwithstanding, you have missed my points entirely. Your premise is absurd and you are being disingenuous, unless you are an idiot. The peoples of the little nations of the 'United' Kingdom cannot help the people of England, since the independence of the former is in the gift of the latter, as Scotch and Welsh nationalists know well enough. The 'union' cannot be dissolved without the consent of the majority of MPs representing English constituencies and they won't vote for that as long as their party leaders (all Scotch) forbid any discussion of the issue.

What you seem to be unaware of is that a significantly greater proportion of the English electorate favours dissolution than do so in Sc*tland or Wales: 56% of those polled in England now favour independence, and that number is increasing, not out of any concern for affairs in the little countries but in anger at the disgraceful inequalities in government spending. In short, the people of England are moving towards independence because they are sick of being beggared to featherbed whingeing and ungrateful Celts.

Given that, it's hard to see what benefit we can obtain from co-operation with parties whose purpose is wholly inimical to our own, and a waste of my time making any further comments.

Bonheddwr said...

Your reaction is the exact reason why so many people are fearful of right wing English Nationalism. Welsh and Scottish Nationalists are mostly on the left, and want to co-operate as much as possible with all neighbouring countries. Your nationalism seems to be one of superiority - no wonder the people of England have not taken to your party.

The fact that you are still trying to claim parts of Wales (i.e. your pathetic campaign in Monmouthshire) makes your party a laughing stock! Can't you see that such absurd gimmicks are no help whatsoever to the cause?

You say that the people of the 'little' nations of the UK (how patronising!) cannot help the English, what a load of rubbish. Why do you say this? Are we not as superior as the English race, and couldn't possibly help in any way?

Without the SNP and Plaid Cymru pushing the issue of independence, it would not even be a talking point in England. The SNP and Plaid Cymru have done much more to promote the issue of English independence than your party will ever do.

One thing is certain, the sooner England gets a sensible and credible nationalist party, that is willing to co-operate with neighbouring countries the better it will be for all of us.

Independence4Celts said...

Hedd; I don't know why you bother with someone who is an simple-minded as gruff. I don't want anything to do with England. They always put the Celts down and it's time we all stood up to them. They conquered almost a third of the world...have they still got it? Well little bits here and there including ourselves.
The truth to the matter is, more and more English people want independence, I say hurry it so that they can stop robbing us of our coal, water,slate, gold,etc. That's the only reason why they are trying to keep us; our resources. The sooner we get our independence, the better. We can stop being pulled into these illegal wars.
In regards to Monmouthshire going to the English, it will be a very hard battle for them to get this. We need some sort of UN interference to make sure they don't take away this county and also we need to, one day, get back the rest of our land; which, at the moment, is in Herefordshire and Shropshire; the old county of Powys.
Hywl am nawr.

Chris said...

Have you had DNA testing to prove that you are an absolutely pure "Celt", Independence4Celts?

Why do some Scots and Welsh have to bring the "Celtic" myth into the equation, revealing, beyond doubt, their breathtakingly narrow and racist attitudes? It's the same with the English and "Anglo Saxon".

You can be English, Scottish or Welsh without spouting outdated, racist nonsense. They are nationalities, and based on a variety of influences, not indications of "pure" bloodlines.

I'm half Scots/half English - and I can tell you that there's a damn sight more to my Scots side than "Celt"!

Unknown said...

I am part Norse-Gael and part Northumbrian English and I have to say it is good that some folk in the other nations in the British Isles do think England should be independent.

I am an activist for English Independence (a relatively minor one at the moment) and though I am proud of being 'Germanic' (just as I am of being Celtic) I do not consider them races, in fact the idea of races is silly.

Can I point out that the English did not own a third of the world nor did they conquer Wales (unless you count the land of what is now England which to be fair was taken from the Welsh/Brythons) or Scotland, that was the Normans who later became the United Kingdom and the British Empire.

The English have been one of the most opressed countries in the world since 1066, their culture was destroyed, many myths and legends lost, they are not allowed to call their pre-1066 ancestors such (they have to called them 'Anglo-Saxon' and are not allowed to admit that this was the start of English culture), their land was stolen by the Norman aristocracy, their name was used as a symbol for the opressor and their reasonably fair and democratic government system (with elected kings et al) was abolished for a despotic one.

When you say that England were the opressor you are playing into the opressor's hands. We should all be brothers in a common struggle.

I also despise the Right-Wing nationalists, they make me afraid to mention my belief in a Free England in touch with its past and its future.

I am left-wing and think that the system we had in 1066 could have become rather left like Sweden or the Netherlands if it wasn't for the Norman Invasion and thus I for one think that we should be a socialist nation run by the people for the people.

The "Normans" (AKA the monarchy, lords...etc...) should go and the people should have what is rightfully their's again!