Thursday 12 April 2007

My Favourite Blog

Blamerbell suggested a short time ago that one can make a league table of Welsh blogs by counting the number of links and comments that a blog receives. If this is the case my favourite blog isn't in the top 10 of Welsh blogs, but it deserves to be.

Wales World Nation should be compulsive reading for anybody interested in Welsh affairs.

I don't know who writes it, but who ever it is deserves a medal for services to Wales.

Unlike most political type blogs Wales World Nation isn't full of political backstabbing; all posts follow a simple formula: "this is what a small successful independent nation has done" and then a short comment along the lines of "Wales could do that too, if only it had the freedom to do so."

If Wales World Nation isn't in your links and feeds yet put it there. You won't be disappointed.


Alwyn ap Huw said...

Sorry this was meant to be a translation on my own English Language site of my Welsh post:

However as the post isn't inappropriate to this site and may have gone through to people's feeds, I thought it best not to delete it after discovering my mistake!

Anonymous said...
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Respectable Citizen said...

check out my blog:

Another world IS possible!

Independence4Celts said...

Please follow the following:

Unknown said...

Here is a letter I wrote to 12 newpapers in wales. It was not published as far as I know.
However, I felt great pleasure when Llanelli went Plaid, and scotland SNP.

People First, Politics Last

I have recently returned to Wales after many years overseas and wish to offer a fresh perspective on the state of the nation. I see a trend towards autocracy and bureaucratic nonchalance, and a seeming lack of concern for the needs and wishes of the people.
I see that billions have been spent on the NHS with very little to show for it, and a withdrawal of essential services. I was one among many who was obliged to fly abroad (Poland) to obtain excellent and far less expensive dental treatment. As a person drawing pension I find that it is not so easy to live on state benefits and I see Ireland as a success story in going it alone and which provides considerably more for the elderly. I see increases in Council Tax as a burden on those who can least afford to pay as more and more services are curtailed. I see an erosion of community values which have in the past been a distinct part of traditional Welsh life. I see the environment disfigured by litter wherever I roam and I see property developers building unaffordable houses and apartment blocks without concern for appropriate planning and design. Is all this what we mean by democracy?
I read comments in the newspapers by people who should know better about recommending the abandonment of the national costume which is part of the nation’s character and heritage and an asset for tourism. Wales (do we mean Cymru?) has made progress, it is true, but is still in my view halfway to realising its potential and taking its rightful place as a nation among nations. I see our sister nation, Scotland, as well on the way to full self-rule, and the forthcoming elections will prove it. This, after all, is the only radical alternative and the solution to the present debacle. Why should we be drawn into foreign wars, which were the tragic epitome of the past century? Why are the sons of Glyndwr fighting in Iraq anyway?
What kind of democracy are we defending, and why should we impose it on others?
Free prescriptions, free breakfasts, whatever carrots and titbits they offer you, they are all drops in the ocean. Politicians may hand them out like candies to garner votes.
There is only one radical and truly democratic alternative, and it is the Party of Wales (Plaid). The best interests of the people and the community are at its heart, and its aim is the rebirth of a nation, proud in its regard for team spirit and the values of the hearth, and especially its concerns for its people who will always come first. This for the nation is the only viable future direction and where the best answer resides.

Alan S. Jones
Porth Tywyn