Friday 22 June 2007

Politics or Sport

I am a big rugby fan, but have been turned off the game by its politics. On the other hand, the last few weeks have shown that Welsh politics is becoming a sport.

Firstly, the Newport Gwent Dragons are the Liberal Democrats. The smallest of the Welsh teams, and still suffering from an identity crisis.

The Cardiff Blues are obviously the Welsh Conservative party. They both play in Blue and most of their supporters wear ties. Plenty of big business backers, but constantly under achieving.

The Llanelli Scarlets are Welsh Labour - playing in Red, they claim the strongest traditions in Wales, but suffering from a general fall in support, and almost bankrupt.

The Ospreys are Plaid - both have shortened their name and changed their logo as part of a succesful marketing excercise. Their results are still patchy but look the best placed of the Welsh teams to succeed in the longer term.

That brings me to the National teams. The Welsh rugby team is something we can all be proud of. Playing at the highest level, it does not always deliver the best results but it represents Wales on the international stage. On the other hand, most of the players in the Senedd are not up to international standard. They are also only allowed to play 7s and half of the team are forced to play with one hand tied behind their back.

In a few months time it will be time for the rugby world cup - and the favorites are a small country of around 3 million people who are largely outnumbered by sheep. Sound familiar? But that country also has its own government and is able to run its own affairs without interference from its colonial past.

Maybe the next time the Rugby World Cup returns to Wales (2019?) Wales will have its own government and will be the favorites to lift the cup.....

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Unknown said...

The Ospreys/Plaid are in the best position to make a difference for Wales. They, more than any, are the team/party of the future and stand the best chance to win the game/contest and achieve success. We should support them in their efforts to overcome the opposition and restore the honour of Wales.They alone can make the difference between swift and effective dominance/constitutional autonomy, or they face the prospect of years in the wilderness. It all hinges on the quality of the players, and whether they can work together as a team to ensure a positive outcome.