Tuesday 7 August 2007

An Independent Wales Would Be Too Small.....

With a population of just under 3 million, Wales is a relatively small country.

According to Wikipedia there are 221 countries and territories in the world, and an independent Wales would slot in between the 135th largest country (Armenia @ 3 million) and the 136th country (Kuwait @ 2.8 million). In fact there would be 86 independent countries in the world smaller than Wales.

Within the European Union’s 27 states, Wales would fit between 21st placed Lithuania (3.4 million) and 22nd placed Latvia (2.3 million), and there would still be 6 smaller independent countries.

So would an independent Wales be small ? Yes.

Would it be too small ? Not at all!

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Unknown said...

Thanks for bringing to light another of the Myths perpetrated by independence gainsayers.

List :
Peter Hain
Kim Howells
Neil Kinnock
Paul Murphy
and a string of Welsh MPs.