Wednesday 26 September 2007

For Wales, See ........

I was in a Travel Agents yesterday and I picked up the Qatar Airways Holiday brochure for Europe.

The holiday locations were arranged by country, and each page included 'Facts' about each country, including the country's official name. So,

France - Official Name - French Republic
Germany - Official Name - Federal Republic of Germany
Switzerland - Official Name - Swiss Confederation
United Kingdom - Official Name - England !!

Somebody doing some crystal ball gazing??


womensvoice said...

now then no comment on the biggest sell out of all ..the militarisation of Wales ..the biggest private military training academy in history in uk ..bring your favourite arms companies to you childs school and Wales.....10,000 recrits at least being trained in Wales at St Athan and private contractors or mercenaries to Wales a focus for all protest against arms trade.militarism etc..

Unknown said...

I have commented on other blogs - but you are right - deserves a comment in its own right.

Wrong on so many levels.

Independence4Celts said...

Definately, but do you think anything has changed? The Welsh need to buck-up their ideas and start campaigning for an Independant Wales.

ecomod said...

Hi Having lived in France for 25 years, Im not suprised the French consider England and Britain as the same place. As they have literally wiped out their own regional distinctions or reduced to culinary perceptions (like Basque cake or Breton pancakes), it should neither be a suprise that even after having hosted Wales during the World Cup for a month , many an self styled dangerous intellectual and wit here in Nantes still confuses Portugal and Pays de Galles.
None so blind.....