Sunday 7 October 2007

Thanks Gordon

Just a few quick thoughts on Gordon Brown's dithering and eventual running away from an early Westminster General Election.

Firstly it reduces the risk of the following Westminster GE coinciding with the next Senedd election - It is important that WA elections are fought on Welsh issues and that differential voting practices develop.

More importantly, Welsh Labour will have to face the possibility of losing their Westminster friends in 2009, so they would be better off aiming for a Referendum on a Parliament before then. Otherwise they will face the prospect of having to plead with a Conservative SoS for any further powers.

(I have not been posting too much recently as my spare hours are fully occupied with the RWC - despite our early exit, it remains a fascinating tournament - normal service wil be resumed soon)

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David Thomas said...

Presumably if Gordon had gone for the polls a period of 3 weeks electioneering plus a further recess before the new Parliament convened would have deprived the Government of Wales of 2 months in which it could have put through its "measures". The Comprehensive Spending Review would also have been delayed, or at least rushed, leading to further uncertainty in the Welsh Government planning. Brown obviously didn't give the "devolved regions" a moment's thought in his "careful deliberations"!