Sunday 21 January 2007

Can we afford to remain part of the UK?

Independence – surely a small country like ours just couldn’t afford to go it alone?

These GDP per head of population for 2005 are taken from the Economist. Only two countries with a population of over 10m appear.

(01) Luxembourg $52,990 pop 0.5m
(02) Norway $49,080 pop 4.5m
(03) Switzerland $44,460 pop 7.2m
(04) Denmark $39,330 pop 5.4m
(05) Ireland $38,430 pob 4.0m
(06) USA $37,240 pop 294m
(07) Iceland $36,960 pop 0.3m
(08) Bermuda $35,940 pop 0.1m
(09) Sweden $33,890 pop 8.9m
(10) Japan $33,860 pop 127.7m

Meanwhile, Wales always under performs within the UK set up. Our GDP figures are consistently the lowest in the UK. In 2003 London had the highest level of GDP per head of population in the UK, whilst Wales had the lowest, at £12,629 (Around $25,000 USD). Our GDP per head is lower than that of any of the non ex Eastern block EU members, bar Portugal.

Perhaps that the real question should be – Can we afford to remain part of the UK?

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