Sunday 4 February 2007

Who can lead us to Independence?

I read somewhere that the sign of a good leader is someone who doesn’t need to turn around to see if he is being followed. What about the current Welsh leaders?

Well I suggest that Ieuan Wyn Jones should put his jacket and tie on back to front, to disguise the fact that he is always looking over his shoulder.

Rhodri Morgan originally promised a lot , but his one legged swimming days are now more spiral than circular, and I don’t fancy his ultimate destination……

Peter Hain is a bit like the Pied Piper - not just his patchy coloured appearance - but he is determined to distract us and lure us away from our destination, and we would follow him at our peril.

Nick Bourne or Michael German would need to hold-up an umbrella (like a London tour guide) if they just want anyone to recognise them, let alone follow them.

So who are we left with??

Dafydd Wigley is one of the best leaders of his generation, but it is a huge shame that he is currently out of politics, and I can not see him getting back in May.

Ron Davies is also unlikely to get elected in May, which will at least give him some more time badger-watching….

Carwyn Jones may be up to the task, but he will also struggle to get elected in May. That could leave the leadership of Welsh Labour open for the charisma-void Andrew Davies - except that he will also struggle to get reelected – which would leave…………. well nobody in particular.

So who will be able to lead Wales to independence? I think it time that we placed a full page advert in the Western Mail:

Wanted – National Leader – with the courage, confidence and conviction to be able to lead an underperforming nation out from under the heel of its dominant colonial neighbour.

Ps Leanne Wood, Neil Kinnock & Lembit Opik need not apply


plaid wrecsam said...

Adam Price?

hafod said...

Another option is that we don't put all our faith in One Great Leader to get us where we want to go... that way lies disaster.
All leaders sell out and compromise sooner or later - think of "firebrand" Kinnock, "nationalist" Lloyd George, "puritan" Tommy Sheridan.

Far better to trust in the people to win independence.

Bonheddwr said...

Yep Hafod, agree totally. But if we are talking about who can lead 'Plaid' to independence, don't discount Helen Mary Jones. This is what she has to say on the first page of her website:

"Now is our chance to do more than survive. From 2007 we can use the National Assembly for Wales with all its weaknesses, to immediately make real differences to people’s lives. We can transform the Assembly into a proper Parliament and use that Parliament as a platform to build the confidence of the people on the road to independence.

We need to inspire people with the vision of what we in Wales, as a free member of the European Union, could achieve for each other at home and to promote peace and justice in the wider world."

Wynne Jones said...

Adam Price - good choice Plaid Wrecsam.

However, I think Hafod made a good point too. We can't rely on leaders to lead us to independence. We're not sheep (there's plenty of them in Wales already!) and we can think for ourselves - it's hardly rocket science. What we need is several good speakers with charisma, intelligence and conviction to POINT the way, rather than LEAD the way.

Give us the tools and we'll finish the job ourselves.

Unknown said...

Yes - I forgot about Adam Price - and while I have a lot of time for HMJ I dont see her as a leader.

We need a good team to take us forward - and with cross party support (not just Plaid). We need to get people like Ron Davies on board.

Natural leaders should rise to the top in due course.

Steffan Lewis said...

Ieuan Wyn Jones is the leader of the national party, and I urge all political activists to work tirelessly to ensure that on May 4th Ieuan Wyn Jones is First Minister of Wales.

He is the only leader of any of the parties that will stand up for Wales and implement the policies we need to change the lives of or people for the better.

His and the Plaid Group's handling of the delicate Budget issue last year was a great example of Ieuan's political skill and demonstrated that he is a true leader.

Plaid is ready for government. Ieuan is ready to lead. Let's get out there and spread the good news to the nation.