Wednesday 14 March 2007

’How Many Aircraft Carriers would an Independent Wales have?'

In an article in the latest issue of Cambria magazine Siôn Jobbins tries to answer the question put to the Plaid Cymru candidate, Bethan Jenkins, by (BBC Wales) Dragon's Eye presenter, David Williams. Jobbins outlines the possible expenditure and set-up of a Welsh military.... and answers David Williams's question. Well worth a read.

The article isn't online, but why not grab a copy of Cambria - on sale
in most good bookshops, as they say.


David Thomas said...

Not had a chance to read the article but the question should really be "How many aircraft carriers does Wales need?" Indeed, how many does Eire or Norway have and how many will Scotland have? The question presupposes that there is only one way for a nation-state to "defend" itself and that is to assume an offensive, beligerent stance to all and sundry. Eire shares a land border with the UK, just as Wales would. It could well be that former UK countries would collaborate with the UK or each other on defence, conclude non-aggression treaties with other nations or simply work within the NATO and EU contexts. There are ways of ensuring security without buying aircraft carriers but the UK/British Empire has been locked into arms escalation and proliferation for so many centuries that it cannot imagine alternatives.

Unknown said...

The answer to this line of questioning should be "the same as Ireland, or Denmark, or othere similar sized, European nations".

We do not have to follow the belligerent imperialstic line of England or France.

Anonymous said...

An independent Welsh military would for entirely practical reasons have a purely defensive role, as is the case in Ireland, and like other small European countries it would only "see action" when taking part in UN operations.

Sales De Francis St said...

Hello welsh cousins!

Good luck with the campaign for Independence!

Ours is getting closer!

best regards

cymrumark said...

if your a Plaid Cymru politician the answer to this and other equaslly daft questions is "that would be a matter for a newly elected government to decide"