Wednesday 31 January 2007

We should make our own decisions - by Glyndwr Erasmus

We have contacted many of Plaid Cymru's candidates for the forthcoming Welsh Assembly elections, asking for their views on the issue of Welsh independence. We have already posted the comments of Plaid Cymru's candidate in Montgomeryshire - David Thomas and also the views of Plaid Cymru's top candidate in the South West region Bethan Jenkins. Now it's the turn of Owen Glyndwr Erasmus, Regional List candidate in the South East Region.

I believe in Welsh independence on two levels, emotive and practical.

At the emotive level, I am Welsh. I have travelled to many places in the world and spoken to many people. I always have a problem explaining what I am. Very few people have heard of Wales as a separate entity and therefore assume I am English. There follows a Geography and History lesson which eventually results in some understanding. I would like to say I am Welsh, from Wales , and have it recognised immediately.

At the practical level, I once read about the unification of Italy . The article stated that a poor region in a large economy will always get relatively poorer. This seems to me to be the case of Wales within the United Kingdom . There are reasons for this.

UK wide economic policy cannot suit all parts of the State equally and the policy decided on never has Wales as its targeted area. Therefore we always come off second best. An independent Wales could set the economy to suit itself, other small Nations do this to good effect and prosper accordingly.

Prosperity is generated around the National Capital, that's where the plum jobs financed by our taxes are positioned and where other highly paid jobs are also situated in Head Offices of major organisations. This prosperity percolates outwards from London into the South East region. A real capital in Cardiff would bring these benefits to Wales and help to improve the whole economy.

Finally, we should make our own decisions, we are grown ups, why would we want anyone else making our decisions for us.

Owen Glyndwr Erasmus, Plaid Cymru South East Regional List candidate.

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peterjonesitec said...

Wales is a great country its got a lot to offer. I believe in independance, its got be step by step. First fully devoled powers to the sennedd to make it a Parlaiment. And secondly a referendum on home rule and Dominion status. Thirdly recognising the English Monarch as head of the Commonwealth of Nations. Finaly a referendum on full independance.